Frequently Asked Questions

Multimedia Services

1) Can you transfer VHS to DVD

A) Yes! Just give us a call for pricing and we can transfer all VHS tapes to DVD

2) I have a: 8mm, BetaSP, Mini DV video tape; can you transfer it to another format?

A) Yes, we can transfer most formats to all the popular formats like VHS and DVD.

3) Can you convert old Film such as 8mm and 16mm ?

A) We do not process film in house-but we DO take in those projects and get them transferred for you. Just give us a call for more information.

4) Do you convert audio tapes?

A) Yes. We convert all standard audio recordings to cassette or CD.

5) Can you Duplicate?

A) Yes. We duplicate on all formats including VHS, DVD & CD.

6) What if I have 3 VHS tapes that I want on one DVD disk, can you do that?

A) Yes. We can merge the tapes together to make one and burn it to a single DVD. Standard DVD’s hold up to 2 hours of footage uncompressed and much more if compression is used. Call us for details.

7) Can you videotape my wedding?

A) I’m sorry, but we do not videotape weddings. We do however work with several companies that do! We’ll be happy to refer you.

8) Can I put still pictures to video?

A) Yes! In fact this is one of our most popular retail services. We have several packages available for turning your still pictures into exciting video presentations with titles, music & movement. Call for details.

9) If I get my digital pictures put to disk at the Photo Store, can you make a movie from them?

A) Yes! Call us for package details and more information.

10) I would like to have some old home movies edited. Can you do that?

A) Yes, we can edit footage from any format.

11) Can you videotape my special event?

A) Yes. Just give us a call and we can discuss your event.

12) What kind of Video do you specialize in?

A) We shoot ALL types of video: Family events, Special events, Music, Dance, Meetings, Legal, Corporate, Broadcast commercials, Infomercials and much more!

13) Can you fix broken video or audio tapes?

A) Yes. Just give us a call and we can discuss the severity of your problem and give you all the details about repair.

14) Can you fix my broken Camera, VHS Recorder or DVD Player?

A) We do not offer Electronic repair services in house. We CAN however make arrangements for you with our reputable repair experts to solve your problem.

15) HELP! I bought some basic editing equipment to make home movies and I’m lost and need help right away!

A) You aren’t alone! Give us a call, we can bail you out.

16) I NEED {insert project here} today! Can you do that?

A) In some cases depending on the request we offer expedited or same day services. Give us a call and if we can’t do it, we’ll recommend someone who can!

17) I need a “Looped” or continuous play Video or DVD for an event. Can you do that?

A) Yes.