Frequently Asked Questions:

Corporate & Legal

1) Can you handle multi-camera live events?

A) Yes. Be it live switching or/or Image Magnification we can handle it. Give us a call with your event details and we can get you a fast comprehensive quote.

2) My company is having an awards banquet. Can you videotape the winners before the event so we may show it at the banquet?

A) Of course we can. Call for more details.

3) What type of editing do you offer?

A) We offer Non-Linear editing on MAC systems using Media100 & Final cut Pro editing platforms.

4) We have an audio or videotape requiring enhancement or correction. Can you do this?

A) Yes. We offer a large variety of cutting edge enhancement or correction techniques used regularly in court, lawsuits, medical investigations, crash sites, insurance inspections and more. Call us for more details.

5) Do you offer transcription services?

A) Yes we do. We can create transcripts from most audio or video sources. All transcript services are provided by our trained and certified legal professional staff.

6) Can you edit legal video or audio tapes?

A) Yes. We usually edit according to a transcript or we can make an appointment for your legal staff to come to our offices for editing.

7) Can you videotape depositions for the legal community?

A) Yes! We have certified legal video specialists on staff.

8) We need a marketing or training video at our company. Do you have samples I could look at?

A) Absolutely. Just navigate to the Portfolio section of our website to view samples of our work.

9) Do you offer web video services?

A) Yes. All our video can be converted into web movies for streaming on your website. We can convert prior video or stills or we can shoot it for you! For a sample of this, just navigate to the portfolio section of our website. We can also do video hosting for our clients on videos shorter than 10 minutes.

9) What is the benefit of paying you to handle video hosting for us?

We create a special web video gallery for you that is password protected which you access through our website. As we work on your videos, we can post drafts into this gallery which you can then preview or download from anywhere. We handle all the uploading, formatting, etc and if you have us do further changes down the line, we can quickly upload them for you. We provide a small amount of HTML code that can be put in any website which makes the video available there.

10) Do you have royalty free audio and video libraries?

A) Yes we do. Unfortunately, we do not rent out or sell our footage or audio tracks. We can and often do use them in projects requiring them. Call us for more details.